Revenue Cycle Management Services

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

Atos focuses on improving all aspects of HIM performance for a wide variety of healthcare customers, including academic medical centers, community hospitals, oncology research centers and trauma facilities. Atos' RCM services optimize processes and technology to enable quality patient care and improve revenue cycle management.

Unprecedented Healthcare Challenges
  • Reduced Reimbursements and Financial Pressures
  • Disparate Systems and New EMR Implementation
  • Lack of Certified HIM Resources
  • Regulatory Changes and Uncertainty
  • Consumer Driven Healthcare
  • ICD-10 Transition
Healthcare staff spends between
$21 to $31 Billion per year interacting with insurance plans*
The healthcare industry requires a full front-to-back-end capability to optimize the entire spectrum of financial performance in today’s environment
where the focus is placed on value-based care.

HIM Outsourcing and Optimization

Atos' HIM optimization services are designed to deliver overall clinical and financial success to our provider partners, focusing on improving all aspects of HIM performance. Atos' highly skilled team of professionals has in-depth expertise in all aspects of HIM, providing deep insight into key performance indicators. Working closely with providers, our experts assess current HIM processes and implement efficiencies based on proven best practices, benchmarks and metrics.

Medical Coding Services

Atos provides a full array of inpatient, outpatient, ED, lab, radiology and same day surgery coding services with more than 2 million records coded annually. Atos has hundreds of credentialed HIM coders and leadership on staff, helping drive overall coding performance with our clients.

Coding Audit and Education

Atos offers a range of audit options including concurrent, focused and pre-bill audits. The focus is on coding accuracy both from a reimbursement standpoint and overall coding quality. Atos employees have on an average 12 years of coding audit and management experience providing minimum of 95% coding accuracy rate(and often exceeding).

Revenue Assessment and Analytics

Atos provides strategic consulting and analytics in the areas of HIM and Revenue Cycle. We provide a comprehensive assessment of key processes from the time patient arrives until the claim is paid. We also identify and implement best practices to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the revenue cycle.

Cancer Registry Services

We provide comprehensive cancer registry and tumor registry services delivered by our fully credentialed abstracting staff to ensure compliance with state regulations to meet Commission on Cancer (CoC) standards. We offer flexible service models to support your project or outsourcing needs, using an experienced medical staff averaging twenty years of service.

Patient Financial Services

We partner with healthcare providers to offer cost effective Patient Financial Services designed to optimize cash collections. We can complement the existing team to resolve specific AR issues or assume responsibilities for the entire AR function. Our end to end services include aged AR clean-up, cash acceleration, interim staffing and credit balance adjudication.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Atos' best practice Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) programs ensure accurate, complete, and compliant documentation. Atos' CDI program will capture increased documentation specificity resulting in improved accuracy of severity of illness (SOI) and risk of mortality (ROM) thus impacting Quality Outcomes and Revenue Integrity.

Transcription/Voice Recognition

Atos understands the needs of a medical document, whether developed through voice recognition or through traditional dictation and transcription. Unlike companies that only deliver transcription services, Atos provides many of its clients with options, cost savings and full health information management (HIM) department management. The Atos transcription management team has 200+ years of combined experience in managing audio capture, recognition and transcription services for small, medium, and large hospital systems.

ICD-10 Services

Atos offers a wide range of ICD-10 consultative and education services to hospitals and other healthcare providers. Using industry best practices and our structured methodology, Atos can assist customers in ensuringa successful path in the ICD-10 environment to support regulatory compliance.