HALOTM Revenue Cycle Optimization

Anthelio is a single-source solution that offers end-to-end assessment of providers' key processes for proper financial counseling, charge capture, denial management, working A/R, reporting and analytics. Anthelio helps providers achieve an optimized revenue cycle process through an integrated approach, rather than a series of unconnected steps.

Why do Healthcare Providers Choose Anthelio?

  • Access to Anthelio's expertise across HIM, revenue cycle, coding, EHRs, CDI, and IT - ensures providers can operate their revenue cycle optimally and have access to the right tools
  • Use of 'best practices' and the right solutions - With over 20 years of expertise on our staff we are able to develop, educate, and implement the best solution for your facility or medical practice.
  • Work with management to develop a strategy and a team to implement 'best practices' and maintain optimization – Constant communication, education and training
  • Key performance indicators and dashboards for tracking
  • Physician education to strengthen documentation and medical necessity for services rendered
Many roadblocks, such as prior authorization issues, charge and claim errors, encounter-based lag days, denial management, and payer contracts, can affect timely and proper payments. These problems can be minimized using the best practices to achieve Revenue Cycle Optimization. Anthelio’s Director of Revenue Cycle Innovations, Carolyn Rubin, tells you how.
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