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Legacy Archive Solution – Atos' Legacy Data Management Solution

Atos' Legacy Archive Solution (LAS) is a secure, web-based database driven aggregation and presentation tool that empowers healthcare organizations to:
  • Retire Legacy Systems
  • Reduce Costs and Compliance Risk
  • Retain Easy Access to Critical Clinical and Financial Data
All with one, simple, cost-effective solution that provides a single window access to historical discrete data, reports and historical invoices..

Healthcare becomes more data driven every day, creating difficult challenges for healthcare organizations that must implement new IT initiatives while still maintaining a growing number of costly legacy systems. These multiple orphan systems, containing critical clinical and financial data, must be protected and easily accessed to meet legally mandated requirements for the handling of healthcare data. Now, thanks to Atos, there is an efficient way to archive data trapped in these legacy silos, moving the information from the past to the present through aggregation of multiple databases and empowering users with quick and easy access.

LAS: Legacy Health Data Management Made Simple and Efficient
  • Simplified single window access to historical discrete data and reports archived from retired legacy systems
  • Convenient access to both clinical and financial information in one secure environment
  • Intuitive, user-friendly experience, providing easy access to view, print, export and report information without complex programming queries
  • Allows hospitals to maintain legacy data in a secured location and meet all requirements for data retention, HIPAA, RAC audits and other critical mandates
LAS: Reduces Support And Maintenance Costs Up To 80%!
  • Reduces direct and indirect costs associated with supporting retired systems and removes the need for maintaining upgrades
  • Provides a short implementation cycle, expediting recovery of Legacy Archive set up costs
LAS: Effectively Manages Data Archiving and Retrieval for Critical Healthcare Operational Areas
  • Patient Accounting
  • General Ledger
  • Purchase Orders
  • Accounts Payable
  • Human Resources / Payroll
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Clinical Information
  • Orders and Results
LAS and the Atos Team Of Experts: The Total Legacy Solution
The LAS product and Atos' team of legacy experts have a strong track record of success in the healthcare market, having extracted and organized clinical and financial data from multiple sources including Affinity, Amicas, Cerner, CoPath, First Coast, Fuji, GE, McKesson, Medhost, Medsphere, MergePACS, Paragon, Quadramed, Siemens, Softmed, and Streamline. LAS currently stores information for 24 million visits representing almost four million patients.

Let Atos assess your legacy data archive needs today. Our knowledgeable team of highly-skilled professionals can develop a cost-effective, user-friendly solution specifically designed to solve your organization’s most difficult health data management challenges.


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